The daily routine is outlined below. The schedule may be adjusted to accommodate children's moods/behaviors if needed.

Daily Routine


7:00-8:00         Arrival & Breakfast
8:00-9:00         Wash hands, Child's Choice

9:15-9:30         Diapers/Potty
9:15-11:00       Outside (weather permitting), Circle Time, Art
11:00-11:30     Clean up, Music & Dance
11:30-12:00     Lunch
12:00-12:30     Wash hands/Potty/Diapers                                        
12:30-1:00       Child’s Choice, Outside (weather permitting)        
1:00-3:00         Nap/Quiet Time (Books/Puzzles, coloring)                                                                
3:00-3:15         Potty/Diapers
3:15-3:45         Snack
3:45-4:30         Child’s Choice, Outside (Weather permitting)